Caravans Motorhomes electrician


Caravans Motorhomes electrician


Price : Rs. 100/-

Caravans Motorhomes boat electric electronics systems

Electric Safety and Security systems 
Electric fuses , breakers , connectors,cables, wiring systems 
Smoke alarm / Carbon monoxide alarm / LPG gas alarm and automatic cutting systems ,CO2 detector
Smoke detector
Propane detector

Clean water system pump and pipes 

The gas system LPG pipes dedantor CS sensor

220VAC/12 -24 VDC Converter-Inverter-generator 
AC DC - DC DC multi charge systems 

Motorhome battery & service batteries 

Solar electric off grid systems dual battery chargers, batteries groups, LiFePo4 -AGM-GEL connection etc 

The heating systems 

The seattle control panels , analog and digital 

Refrigerator 12-24 vdc

indoor outdoor electrical installation

Radio system VHF- UHF- HF-CB  digital satellite antenna system 

Caravans &Motorhomes &boat electric electronics systems

Technical (electrical service) support is provided for the electrical and electronic issues of caravans outside of Izmir Turkiye 

retired technical certified practice electrician ACDC
90 555 5786812
Bornova -?zmir Türkiye 

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Rs. 100/-

Caravans Motorhomes electrician

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